Local History and Archives Policy


Taylor Public Library


Approved by Library Board: 
Oct 15, 2013

Approved by City Council: Nov 14, 2013

Local History & Archives Collection Policy



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Purpose of the Collection

The history and culture of Taylor are important to the Library and citizens of Taylor.  The purpose of the Local History& Archives Collection is to preserve and document the history of Taylor, as well as the farming communities for whom Taylor served as an economic center. The Taylor Public Library will preserve and maintain these materials for future generations by using accepted preservation methods and providing access to materials under safe and secure conditions.                


Scope of the Local History and Archives Collection

1.    Physical formats. Items collected and retained include, but are not limited to:  books, family histories, club records & publications, other local records, scrapbooks, clipping files, photographs, microfilm, electronic formats, audio or video recordings, maps and other paper ephemera. New and emerging formats will be considered when appropriate. The Library is not a museum and will not retain or collect three dimensional items or realia. The collection will not contain government records, such as City Council meeting minutes, school board meeting minutes, daytoday business records, or vital records.  Other formats or restrictions on the collection will be determined by the Library Director.

2.    Local importance. The collection shall include materials that preserve the histories of local clubs, organizations, schools, churches, businesses, institutions, local customs & culture, and important events & people.

3.    Geographic coverage. Primary coverage will be of the City of Taylor, Texas and to a lesser extent unincorporated farming communities on the eastern side of Williamson County and incorporated cities without their own library or historical society may include: Hutto, Thrall, Coupland, Granger and Thorndale.

4.    Genealogy and family histories. Genealogical records and family histories collected must pertain strictly to founders and/or pioneer families of Taylor. Materials that record the history and contributions of prominent individuals who have lived or served in the City of Taylor and surrounding communities may be included. This could include history of founding and/or pioneer families or individuals who were born or lived in Taylor but became prominent or leaders later in life.


Acquisitions of Materials

Library actively seeks donations of local history and archival material that fit within the scope of the collection.  If appropriate, the Library Director may purchase original materials that fit within the collection.

1.      Donations with restrictions. Donations with special restrictions or instructions will not be accepted. Once a donation has been made, the Taylor Public Library reserves the right to decide how the donated item will be displayed or stored, how the item may be used by the public, and how long the item will be retained.

2.      Age& condition of materials. All donated materials must be free of dirt, mold, moisture, and pests and should be in good condition. Scrapbooks or photo albums must be in archival quality albums or enclosures, all added materials properly secured, and photographs must be identified. 

3.      Deed of Gift.  The Taylor Public Library cannot accept donations of materials without a Deed of Gift Form.   The Library cannot accept donated materials for which the donor does not have clear title.  Donations accepted by the Library are considered the property of the Taylor Public Library. 


Care and Keeping of Materials

1.  Preservation. Materials in the Local History & Archives Collection will be preserved following best practices for archives when possible and employ preventative preservation measures such as appropriate storage, security and handling.

2.  Accessibility. The Taylor Public Library will make available indexes and catalog records for materials in the Local History & Archives Collection.  Library staff will continue to work through the backlog of unprocessed materials as time allows.

3.  Digitization efforts. The Taylor Public Library will continue to scan and digitize selected materials as staff time allows.  The Library cannot provide scanning of Local History & Archives materials on demand.


Use of Local History and Archives Collection Materials

1.      All researchers must ask Library Staff to access the Archives Room and any files or materials.  All researchers or users must log in and out per staff instructions.  When not in use, the Archives Room will remain locked. 

2.      Limitations of access: 

a.    The materials in the Local History and Archives Collection are considered reference materials and do not circulate. 

b.    All materials must be used in the Archives Room.  If researchers need photocopies, they must request assistance by Library Staff.

c.    Library staff will access files on behalf of researchers. 

d.    No more than one file folder will be accessed at a time.

e.    The image files are only available digitally—use of originals is not allowed.

f.     If a researcher requires staff assistance for research in the Local History and Archives Collection, an appointment must be booked through the Library Director.  Assistance depends on staff availability. 

g.    Remote research requests. Out of town individuals with requests for research assistance will be aided depending on staff availability.  Broad or lengthy research will not be conducted by Library staff. Obituary requests must have death date, full name and other pertinent information.  The Library Director will determine the scope of research via remote requests, as well as how any resulting findings or information is conveyed to remote researchers.

h.    Copyright. Generally, patrons of the Taylor Public Library may make reproductions of archival materials within the Fair Use and other provisions of U.S. Copyright Law (title 17, U.S. Code, section 107). The Taylor Public Library does not grant or transfer any copyright or other intellectual property rights for any local history or archival materials. Copies in any format may not be further reproduced, sold, shared, or given to another person, company, or institution for any purpose.

i.      Photographic Services Request Form. Patrons wishing to use images or copies of archive materials in a publication, displays, or other permitted uses as determined by the Library Director, must submit Photographic Services Request Form to the Library Director for approval.  Library staff will assist in such requests as time and staff availability allows.

j.      Other policies for patron conduct and use of the Library apply to the Archives Room. Violation of these rules, policies and staff instructions could result in loss of access to the Archives Room or expulsion from the Library.


                                                         Link to PDF for  Deed of Gift


Taylor Public Library

801 Vance Street

Taylor, TX 76574



city seal                            DEED OF GIFT



Donor(s): __________________________ Date item received: _______


Address: __________________________________________________


City: ___________________________ State: _________Zip_________


Phone: ___________ Email:___________________________________


I/We the undersigned, hereby unconditionally and irrevocably convey, donate, give and deliver the item(s) listed and/or described below or on the attached page to the Taylor Public Library, Taylor, TX.  I/we release & relinquish all present and future right, title, interest, and claims, now known or unknown in the listed items.

This gift includes all present and future copyright, trademark, reproductions and associated rights to the listed item(s). 

I/We acknowledge this is an unrestricted gift and that the Taylor Public Library will use it in any manner that is deemed to be in the best interest of the Taylor Public Library and the item(s) will be handled & processed in accordance with Taylor Public Library policies on collection development, gifts and donations.

I/We affirm that I am/we are the only legal and lawful owner(s) of the item(s) listed below or on the attached pages and that to the best of my/our knowledge  I/we have good and complete right, title and interests to give.

I/We acknowledge actual delivery of the item(s) below to the Taylor Public Library.




2. ________________________________________________________


3. ________________________________________________________





____________________________     ___________________________

            Donor Signature                                                            Donor Signature


Date: ______________________                Date: _____________________



Gift Accepted for the Taylor Public Library by:



_______________________    _____________________      _______

            Name                                                    Title                                          Date



  Link to PDF for form Request for Photographic Services


801 Vance Street

Taylor, Texas 76574


Request for Photographic Services



Name:__________________________________  Phone: ______________________

Address: ___________________________ City: ____________  State: ____ Zip: ______

Please copy complete photo description and photo ID # of the items you are requesting.  To publish or publicly display any reproduction, written permission must be obtained from the Taylor Public Library.

* Credit must be given to the Taylor Public Library for any reproductions used.



Photo Label Description

Photo ID#































































Total # of photos:____

Please give as much information as possible as to how the reproduction will be used (i.e., author and title, production name, exhibit name, etc.)



Date(s) of proposed use:_________________________________________________




Permission to use the indicated reproductions for the above-stated publication or use is granted, subject to any conditions listed.


Library Director: ___________________________________  Date: ______________


Comments: ______________________________________________________