Circulation Policy

Taylor Public Library
Circulation Library

Approved by Library Board: 
 May, 18 2005
Approved by City Council:  May 31, 2005
Revised approved by Library Board Aug. 18, 2009
Revised approved by City Council: Sept. 10, 2009

Patron Registration

1. City of Taylor Residents.  Library cards are free to all residents of the City of Taylor.  Proof of residency is required. Post office boxes cannot be used as proof of residence in the City of Taylor.  Proof of residency may include but is not limited to:

a.    Valid driver's license

b.    Water or Utility Bill with picture ID

c.    Personal Check with picture ID

d.    Lease agreement with picture ID

e.    Other proof of residence as determined by the Library Director.

2. Out of Town Residents. Persons living outside the City of Taylor limits may receive a Library card by:

a.    Presenting a valid form of identification & proof of residence.

b.    Paying a fee of $10 per year for an individual card.

c.    Paying a fee of $25 for a family card- each family member will be able to receive a Library card and will be allowed to check out 10 books each.


3.  Juvenile Registration.  Juveniles of any age are eligible for an individual card.  A parent or legal guardian must sign their child's registration form (under 16) and provide proof of residency at that time. The child must be present to receive a library card. The adult signing the child's card registration is responsible for all materials checked out with that card, and is responsible for all lost or damaged materials and for any fines incurred.  


4. Student Registration.  All students attending a school in the City of Taylor are eligible to receive a Taylor Public Library card without a fee.  This includes students enrolled and attending public schools, registered private schools and Temple College at Taylor.


5. City of Taylor Employees.  Current employees of the City of Taylor may receive a Taylor Public Library card without fee if they reside outside of the city limits. 


6. Institutional Cards.  Individuals are encouraged to obtain their own personal Library card.  Institutional Library cards are issued at the discretion of the Library Director.  The following is required for an institutional Library card:

a.    The institution is physically located within the City of Taylor limits.

b.    The legal head of the institution must agree to accept responsibility for fines, fees, damage, lost materials, etc.

c.    The institution must provide a letter of agreement on official letterhead or stationary.


7. Card Renewal.  Library cards are issued for a one-year period.  

a.    To renew a card, all fines and all other debts must be paid in full. 

b.    Children's cards will be renewed without having parent or guardian sign again.

c.    Patrons must verify registration information.  Changes in residency require new proof of residency.

d.    If out of town, must pay annual fee for card.


8.  Replacement Cards. Library cardholders are encouraged to keep their Library card secure.  Should a Library card become lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to notify the Library immediately.  There is a charge for replacement cards:

a.    $1.00 for the first replacement.

b.    $5.00 for each subsequent replacement card.



Patron Responsibilities

All Taylor Public Library cardholders agree to comply with Library rules and regulations, to pay all fines, to make good any loss or injury to books incurred by the cardholder, and to give immediate notice of any change of residence.  Guardians of juveniles who signed for a child's card assume responsibility for the child's card.  Cardholders may not avoid responsibility for overdue fines and other incurred fees or costs by using a family member's card.  Habitual or severe abuse of library policies, non-payment of fines, fees and other abuses may result in denial of Library services, as determined by the Library Director.



Circulation of Library Materials

1.  Card Use:

a.    Library materials may not be checked out until a library card is issued.

b.    Library cards must be presented to check out materials.


2. Loan periods:

a.    Generally, circulating library materials are checked out for a 2-week period. 

b.    New Books will be checked out for a 1-week period.

c.    Materials may be renewed 4 times, providing there is not a waiting list.

d.    Interlibrary loan materials are due by the date indicated on check out slip.

e.    The Library Director determines all other or special loan periods.


3. Circulation Limits:

a.    Non-circulating Materials.  Reference materials, periodicals, archives materials, and other materials as determined by the Library Director are not available for check out.

b.    Items Per Library Card.  An individual may have 10 items at a time checked out on their library card.  Institutional cards have check out limits as determined by the Library Director. 

c.    New Library Card. During the first month after new registration, a patron may check out 2 items at a time.

d.    Video & DVD.  An individual may have 3 videos or DVDs checked out on their card at a time.

e.    Other Limits.  When determined by the Library staff, specific titles, authors, subjects or special collections may be limited due to high demand or other reasons.


4. Renewals. Library materials may be renewed in person, phone, or e-mail. Presentation of a Library card is not required for renewal of materials.  Materials may be renewed up to 4 times.  Items that are on reserve for other patrons may not be renewed. 


5.  Reserves.   Materials may be reserved in person, phone, or e-mail.  Persons will be notified when the item becomes available.  Reserves have the same restrictions as limits on circulation (see #3 above).



Fines and Fees

1. Overdue Fines: 10¢ per day, per item, with a maximum fine of $5.00 per overdue item.  A notice may be sent 1 week after the material is due.  If the material is not returned within one month, a bill will be sent for the cost of the item. 


2. Lost or Damaged Materials:  Library patrons are responsible for all library materials checked out to their account and will be held liable for any losses or damage to library materials while checked out to them.  The Library will not charge for normal wear of library materials.

a.    If the materials are lost, the patron will be charge the cost to replace the materials. 

b.    If materials are damaged so as to be judged by the Library as being unsuitable for the collection, the patron must pay the cost of the item. The item may then become the property of the individual.

c.    A $5.00 processing fee will be charged for each library material damaged beyond repair or lost by the patron.  This $5.00 processing is not refundable should the item be returned at a later date.

d.    If the item can be repaired or is still usable, a reduced fee may be charged at the Library Director's discretion.


3.  Loss of Borrowing Privileges.  Patrons with lost or damaged materials or with fines that exceed $5.00 may not check out materials until records are cleared.