A great way to serve your community and the animals we love is for you to volunteer at our animal control facility or become a foster care family!

Volunteers may be involved in walking our adoptable dogs, answering phones at the shelter, assisting with off-site adoption events, contacting rescue groups, etc. Your community service can make an impact and a difference in the lives of animals. You may also apply to become a foster-care family for animals housed at our shelter.

We also plan for our volunteers to be involved with:
  • Offsite Adoptions - assisting with unloading animals, setting up crates, walking animals, and displaying animals for adoption 
  • Public Outreach - assist at schools and other events/locations educating the public on responsible pet ownership. 
  • Shelter Care / Adoptions - provide loving care for animals housed in the shelter by socializing shy animals, walking dogs, cleaning cages and toys, etc.
Individuals interested in becoming a volunteer at the shelter should complete the application below.

All volunteers are required to be at least 18 years of age or older and able to pass a background check. Completed applications may be returned to the Taylor Police Department at 500 South Main Street or emailed to us.

  1. Sandy Perio

    Animal Control Supervisor
    Phone: 512-352-5483

  2. Susan Davis

    Animal Control Officer
    Phone: 512-352-5483