Civil Service Commission


The City of Taylor Fire Fighters’ and Police Officers’ Civil Service Commission was established in 2004 in compliance with Chapter 143, as amended, of the Texas Local Government Code.

The Commission is responsible for adopting and maintaining local rules concerning hiring and promotional processes, serving as an appeal board for candidates and civil service employees in the Fire and Police Departments and for reviewing disciplinary appeals.

Commission Membership

Appointment: The City Manager appoints, and the City Council confirms the appointment of the 3 members of the Commission. The members elect one member to serve as Chairperson and one to serve as Vice Chairperson. Members serve staggered 3-year terms.


Carey Gambrell, Commissioner
Appointments: August 2021
Term expires: August 2024

Kimberly Hill, Chair
Appointments: July 2019, 2022
Term expires: July 2025

Tammy Sharp, Vice-Chair
Appointment: February 2022, 2023
Term expires: February 2026

Rules and Regulations

Notice of Exams

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