How can I place a headstone on a grave?

Headstones are not required however are encouraged. Taylor City Cemetery does not provide any grave marking item.

Most funeral homes following a burial will place a metal or plastic "Temporary Marker" on the grave. 

Headstones must be approved by the Cemetery Coordinator before being placed. Size restrictions do apply and vary depending on the location of the grave.

Please contact the Cemetery Coordinator during business hours to verify the applicable headstone regulations.

Headstone installations are required to be performed by a certifiable Monument business due to the required installation specifications set forth by the Cemetery.

All new headstone installations must be scheduled with the Cemetery Coordinator a minimum of 48 hours prior to setting along with the payment of the marking fee (See Fee Schedule).

Headstone work must be performed Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM, same as the Cemetery business hours.

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