2020 Drainage Master Plan

The City of Taylor has a history of flooding and erosion concerns due to inadequate drainage and increased urbanization. The City contracted in 2020  Halff Associates to prepare a Drainage Master Plan that will identify projects to more effectively address drainage improvements. As part of the development of the Drainage Master Plan, the City sought public input to identify areas of flood concern within the City. These areas, in combination with detailed modeling, were the basis of developing local drainage solutions.

A report was submitted and approved by Council in September 2022. 

This report includes documentation of drainage problem locations based on existing information, drainage complaints, known areas of flooding, and our hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, including a 2D rapid assessment. Based on this information, Halff prepared conceptual drainage solutions to address these issues and to prioritize them for future incorporation into the City’s Capital Improvement Project (CIP) plan. Finally, this study includes our analysis of the existing drainage utility fee rate and identification of possible fee modifications that may be needed for funding of maintenance and drainage CIP projects.

Click here for the Drainage Master Plan Final Report