CIP Highlights

The City Engineering firm, HDR, presents regular updates on CIP projects, which are posted on our website for the public to read. Following are some highlights from the most recent CIP update:


Pierce Park was open to the public on February 9, 2019. HDR and City Staff are working to address issues with water that has been seeping up through the expansion joints in the bottom of the skate bowl at specific locations. HDR and Staff will continue to monitor the situation and take measures to make repairs and address leakage issues as they arise. 

City Council authorized funds to repave the half block of 3rd Street in front of the Skate Park, and construction on that project began on March 16. Sections of the water main were replaced in April, and a geotechnical engineer conducted a field visit and made recommendations for a trench drain along the street’s northern gutter line to intercept any seeping water to protect the pavement structure. Funding for the trench drain was presented to City Council and  approved on June 27. 


Construction on pedestrian improvements to 4th Street began on May 16. Construction was completed ahead of schedule and on-budget. The project will be on its way towards final completion in the coming weeks.


The 2019 Street Maintenance Plan was approved by City Council on June 13, 2019. The plan consists of mill and overlay operation for 10 street segments, and will partner with Williamson County’s seal coat program. The bid package for the project was advertised in late June, and bids will be opened on July 11. 


The contract for the construction of the City’s gateway signage( at Hermann Sons Road and Highway 79) was awarded to Fazzone Construction on June 13, 2019. Construction on the sign began in December 2019. 


Progressive Commercial Aquatics has been working on the rehabilitation of the Murphy Park Pool and the project is essentially complete. The project included replacing mastic on angle from the pool to the deck, grinding concrete joints to eliminate trip hazards, replacing failed sections of deck concrete, replacing the beach entry, removing the surface, and installing a new surface on the entire deck. 


City Council approved a project list for the 2019 Infrastructure Bond on March 14, 2019, and design proposals for various elements of the list were approved by City Council in June, 2019. Projects in the Bond include the following:

  • Street improvements on 3rd Street, N. Lynn Street, W. Lake Drive, and Robinson Street
  • Municipal District Utility Services on Edmond Street (Phases 1 and 2), 1st/Royal/Walnut, and McLain Street/Travis Street (as funds allow)
  • Improvements to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Updates to the City’s GIS System


Connolly Architects provided an architectural, planning,and design proposal for improvements to the City’s Animal Shelter on June 14 for turn-key remodeling and building design. A scoping meeting is scheduled for July 8, 2019 to discuss proposal and implementation strategy. The City’s Public Works, Main Street, and Internal Services departments are working on removing excess materials from the Animal Shelter site.