Comprehensive Planning

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Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan, adopted in 2004, provides the vision, goals, objectives and actions necessary to direct the City’s long range growth and development. It is an official policy document that serves as the guide for policy decisions relating to the physical, social, and economic growth of the community.

Two of the primary components of the comprehensive plan are the future land use and thoroughfare plans.

Future Land Use Plan

The Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) is the City’s general guide for managing growth in terms of the location, type, scale and density of land development and redevelopment. The FLUP assigns land use categories to all property within the City and extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). These land use categories, shown on the Future Land Use Map, describe the type of development that is desired within each area.

When a property owner wants to change the zoning of their property, the FLUP determines what the appropriate zoning districts are for the property. All zoning decisions are required to be consistent with the FLUP.

Transportation Plan

The purpose of the Transportation Plan is to identify local travel and mobility needs and address orderly development of the City’s thoroughfare system. It includes an overview of existing transportation and travel characteristics, transportation planning criteria and facility design standards. The Thoroughfare Plan map identifies required improvements to the existing thoroughfares as well as future thoroughfares that will be necessary to accommodate growth.

Other Planning Documents

In addition to the Comprehensive Plan, the City has adopted other plans to guide growth of specific areas of the City or for specific City functions such as Parks and Recreation. Below are links to those plans.

Downtown Master Plan

A Vision for Future Development

Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan