Records Management & CAD

Technology is such in this day and age, that even smaller law enforcement agencies can do incredible things Records Management and CAD.

Entering all of the information in the world into a records management system and/or CAD system does absolutely no good if you cannot retrieve the data quickly and efficiently! Even some multi-million dollar software packages for public safety are extremely lacking when it comes to the ability to search by operators, search narratives, etc.

We at the Taylor Police Department use Crimesoft, an extremely affordable, user friendly and powerful software package for the medium sized police agency. The program provides :
  • digital mugshot and evidence photos
  • operator searches (taller than, older than, etc.)
  • narrative searches
  • easy import and export of data
  • easy mapping integration
  • time tracking
  • paperless reporting via laptops
  • and more!

Mobile Data

2003 Cops MORE grant funds were obtained and utilized to not only purchase ruggedized laptop computers for our patrol units, but also to purchase a server and software to deploy mobile data. The server allows us to not only provide mobile data to our officers, but also to share mobile data technology at a faction of the cost with other agencies.
We are using Motorola's Premier Mobile Data and Premier Mobile Data Server.
This solution not only allows officers to run almost unlimited queries via state and national computer databases, it also allows them to communicate securely car-to-car or car-to-PD. Another great benefit has been the ability to place the software and query and communications capabilities on desktops within our PD.

In 2008, with the assistance of Homeland Security grant funds, the Taylor Police Department was able to enhance mobile data capabilities with upgraded computers, mobile broadband that deploys our network to the field, and digital video for all marked units.

Digital Video in All Marked Units

With grant funding, the Taylor Police Department has now installed digital video units (Integrian's DP2) in all marked units. As a part of this package, the department has been equipped with a robust digital video server where all video and audio stops and contacts are archived. Video is relayed to the server from the field units by either a tether or wirelessly.

Digital video not only enables the department to operate in a more "green" fashion (no longer needing to use videotape) and store and retrieve video in a more efficient manner, but also provides "pre-event" recording: recording and retaining video/audio that was captured prior to the units' activation. This pre-event capture has already enabled the department to capture many offenses on video.

City Public Safety Deploys Regional 800Mhz. Digital Radio System
The Taylor police department, fire department and dispatch center have now all been equipped with digital 800 mhz. radio capability, enabling our departments to communicate efficiently with 1 another and other agencies throughout the region. The new system replaces the departments' old and outdated VHF radio system that operated on bands that will no longer be restricted or protected by the FCC for public safety usage.

Automated Fingerprint Identification System

Local Law Enforcement Block Grant funds were utilized to purchase a powerful local automated fingerprint identification system! After a lot of research, we chose Phoenix Systems' AFIX Tracker . This system has assisted us in clearing numerous cases with latent fingerprints and has also been of assistance in identifying persons using false names.