According to Williamson County property records the first cemetery land in Taylor was acquired in 1889. A tract of thirty acres in the John Winsett Survey was sold to the City of Taylor by John S. Barues and Jacob S. Whitmore.

The oldest burial site is that of the Vance family which dates back to 1853. The oldest stone marker found is that of John S. Miller who died in 1878 and it is located in the northwestern section of the cemetery.

Today, the City of Taylor Cemetery occupies over 140 acres of rolling hillside located on East Highway 79, 1 mile east of Taylor City Hall.


There are currently 4 developed additions and a 5th addition available for development.
  • 1st Addition: 30 acres
  • 2nd Addition:17.89 acres
  • 3rd Addition:10 acres
  • 4th Addition:15 acres

Click the link below to view current available spaces and lot for purchase. Please contact the Cemetery Coordinator to ensure that the space you are interested in is available.


Find latest fees in the Current Fee Schedule.


Cemetery Ordinance 2002-43 which has been amended by Ord. 2009-19 (see link above).  Use this document for regulations only and please refer to current fee schedule for rates.

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