Updates from the City

For the most current information from Williamson County and Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD), including current numbers of confirmed cases, please visit the WCCHD dashboard, which is updated daily at noon. 

City of Taylor

The City of Taylor has adopted a new phased-in plan for reopening the City, using mitigation guidance from the Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD). The color-coded plan has four phases, ranging in severity from Uncontrolled Community Spread (Red) to Minimal Community Spread (Green). Each phase lessens restrictions with respect to social gatherings, municipal building openings, public meetings, and indoor and outdoor events. 

As of September 8, 2020, the City of Taylor is operating under the YELLOW PHASE. This phase allows for a modified opening of the Public Library, social gatherings of up to 25 people, and the opening of several park facilities that had previously been closed. In addition, this phase allows for events at city facilities with limited capacity if event organizers submit a safety plan acceptable to the City and follow UIL rules where applicable. 

View the Guidance for Reopening

View the WCCHD mitigation guidelines for Williamson County

There currently are no changes to essential City services including public safety and City of Taylor water and sewer services. Most City buildings, including City Hall, Public Works, Utility Billing, and Maintenance, will remain closed to the public. Residents will still be able to contact City Hall employees through telephone or email. To contact City Hall, call 512-352-3675.

**Dates are subject to change**

Large Gatherings in Public Spaces and
City-Sponsored Outdoor Events

Large gatherings and special events allowed at City facilities at 50 percent capacity, subject to approved safety plan and UIL rules where applicable. Safety plans can be submitted to the City of Taylor Parks and Recreation Department--please call 512-352-5818 for details about how to submit your plan. 

Canceled events/postponements

  • Spooktacular Scare on the Square scheduled for October 31 has been canceled. 
  • 2020 National Night Out has been canceled this year. 
  • 2020 Honor Guard Academy is postponed until next year. 
  • The Neighborhood Cleanup scheduled for the fall is canceled. 
  • The Main Street Car Show scheduled for October 31 has been canceled
  • The Community Clean Up event scheduled for July 11 is canceled.
  • Movies in the Park scheduled for June and July are canceled. 
  • The Memorial Day Virtual Salute will be held on the City’s Facebook page here and broadcast here. For more information, visit the Memorial Day Virtual Salute page here
  • Blackland Prairie Days set for May 2 is canceled. We will look to see if it can be rescheduled on a later date in the year.
  • Kite Day scheduled for March 28 is canceled.
  • The Bruce Lynn recognition ceremony scheduled for April 4 is canceled.
  • Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for April 11 has been canceled.
  • Coffee with a Cop scheduled for April 17 has been canceled.


  • The Airport Office & Pilot’s Lounge will be closed to the public until further notice.
  • Airport customers and tenants will still be able to contact Airport employees through telephone at 512-352-5747 or by email at airport@taylortx.gov.
  • The Airport Courtesy Vehicle will not be available for use until further notice.
  • A public use restroom is available on the East end (facing the road) of the “C” hangars.
  • Please expect delays in response times for any mechanical and fuel system issues or problems.

Animal Shelter

  • The Animal Shelter will be open for reclaims and adoptions only; no owner surrenders will be accepted until further notice. The Animal Shelter can be reached by phone at 512-352-5483.

City Hall

  • The front desk at City Hall is closed until further notice. Phone calls can still be made to City Hall by calling 512-352-3675.

Development Services

  • Permits for Development Services can be submitted through MyPermitNow.org.
  • To contact Development Services, call 512-352-3675.

Farmers Market

  • The Heritage Square Farmers Market will remain open at this time. Farmers markets are exempt from both the Texas Governor’s order as well as the Williamson County order so long as markets follow CDC guidelines. 
  • The Market will take the following precautions to ensure the safety of our customers and vendors:
    • There will be no sampling of products
    • Booths will be placed farther apart- Only food vendors will be set up
    • Vendors will wear gloves
    • Tables will not have table cloths and will be wiped down frequently


For details about the Library's current plans for reopening, please contact the Library at 512-352-3434.

  • The Library will open for Grab & Go Services on Sept. 15
    • Hours: Tuesdays 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., Wednesdays 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and Thursdays 1-6 p.m.
    • Rules: 30 minutes per visit; occupancy limited, facemasks and social distancing required; computers/printing by appointment only; 5 items per card; children must be accompanied by a parent. 
    • Sign up for a library card, a TexShare Card, view our programming via social media, and bring all the family to the Library.
    • Not Just Yet: No donations will be accepted. Use the outside bookdrop for all returns -- we are quarantining all returns. Due to social distancing, staff cannot provide assistance for the computer or copier. Meeting Room, study rooms and Archives are not available. More open hours are dependent on COVID-19 cases stabilizing or falling.
    • Questions or reservations: 512-352-3434
  • Taylor Public Library will offer curbside pick up of library materials, Monday and Wednesday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. To qualify for this service, you must have a valid library card.
    • To get started: Place your reserves online at https://taylor.biblionix.com/catalog or call the Taylor Public Library to pull materials:  512-352-3434.  Have your library card number handy.  
    • How many: There will be a limit of 5 items per household. Some checkout limits still apply.
    • Order handling: Library staff will pull your items & check them out to your library account.  If items are not available, staff will contact you for more options.
    • Scheduling: Staff will make an appointment for you to come & pick up your library materials.  Describe the vehicle you will be in.
    • Pickup: When you pull up in front of the library entrance at your appointment time, staff will bring the items out to you.  Please stay in your car, pop your trunk, and staff will put your items in and close your trunk.
    • Returning: Please use the outside book drop for return of all library materials.  All returned materials will be cleaned and quarantined before re-shelving.    

Moody Museum

  • The Moody Museum will be closed until further notice

Municipal Court

  • The Municipal Court lobby is closed to the public until further notice. Municipal Court can still be reached by phone at 512-352-5977 or by email at court@taylortx.gov
  • If you have a citation in which you have not yet appeared in court or contacted the court, please ensure that you review the options on your citation  and or visit our website here.
  • To pay online, visit our payment website here.

Parks and Recreation

  • The Murphy Park Pool, the pool at Robinson Park, and the Robinson Park splash pad are closed for the season. 
  • Gatherings of 25 people or fewer people are allowed in public spaces. Gatherings of more than 25 people, such as games, practices, and tournaments will need to submit an approved  safety plan and follow UIL rules, where applicable, prior to use. 
  • The following are open as of September 9:
    • All park facilities and facility rentals that are usually open in the current season, including the Skate Park at Pierce Park. 
    • Sports leagues and TRP events, as well as rentals of City facilities will require an approved safety plan.
    • Please keep in mind that gatherings of more than 25 people in public parks and open spaces are subject to City approval and will require an approved safety plan. 

Utility Billing

  • Utility payments can be paid by mail, online, in the dropbox at City Hall, the drive-through, or by phone. Utility billing will waive all fees for credit card payments done online here or by phone by calling 888-630-1666.
  • Disconnections will be waived through July 6.
  • Forms for Utility Billing are available in the lobby of City Hall between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and can be submitted in the dropbox located at City Hall.

Waste Connections

Board and commission meetings

In many cases, in-person stakeholder meetings that are not time-sensitive will be canceled. Additionally, many boards and commissions meetings this week will be rescheduled or canceled. To check the status of a board or commission meeting, check the City’s calendar here

We encourage residents to continue to keep calm and take precautionary measures, such as washing your hands, staying at home if you are sick, and listening to the CDC and local health authorities. Also, be sure to sign up for our News Alerts on the City website, taylortx.gov, so you can be informed about any new developments.

We will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation and will notify the public of any changes. 

Daily Updates from
Mayor Brandt Rydell

Daily updates from Mayor Brandt Rydell are posted on his Facebook page here as well as on the City of Taylor Facebook page here

Video updates will be provided on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Update for Friday,
October 16, 2020:


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